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How To Set up Your Absence & Event Codes

Permanently deleted user -

Setup your account's preferences by clicking the Preferences link at the top-right of TrackSmart.

You'll be directed straight into the Absence Code Preference screen where you can choose the absence codes you'd like to use with your account.

Just select and deselect a checkbox corresponding with the code.

Absence Codes

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    Wendy Rae

    I paid the for the Power Track Annual; because it said it had Unlimited absence Codes..indicating that whatever we needed could be added, but now as I am setting it up there are only standard codes

  • 0
    Kim Belanger

    I need to change an absence code name, can this be done?

  • 0
    Ann Lemons

    We just renewed for the year and I am trying to set up the codes again.  I keep clicking on the boxes and nothing is happening.  The checks beside boxes are light gray and it is not allowing me to deselect andf select the ones I want.  Why would this even change just because I renewed?


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