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Manage My Employees' Time-off Requests

Alex Duran -

    1. Click the Review Time-off Requests button from your dashboard
    2. The Time-off Requests page will present a table of all your employees' time-off requests.
    3. All columns can be sorted to your preference
    4. Click the Review Request icon at the far right of a request to open its form
    5. Review the information within the form and choose whether to Approve or Decline the request. Both options will send a notification email to the employee with your optional message.
      • Approve - Records the request as an Absence onto the Calendar
      • Decline - Deletes the request permanently


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    Lisa Thibodeaux

    My supervisors are not receiving the requests for some reason.  The employees and supervisor roles are correctly assigned.  Any insight as to why this might be happening?

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