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Manage Employee Time Sheets

Alex Duran -

  1. Click Time Sheets in the top menu bar
  2. You'll have the following 3 views to manage your employees' time sheets from:
    • Summary: View all employees' time sheet totals for a single workweek
    • History: View a single employee's time sheet totals by workweek for an entire year
    • Detail: View a single employee's time sheet details for a single workweek. Breaks out weekly totals on a day-by-day basis.
  3. As an Administrator you may:
    • Edit Times: You may add or edit times to employee time sheets. These times will show up in orange font to you and the employee.
    • Add Notes: Add notes to any time sheet for you and your employees to see.
    • Approve: Approving a Time Sheet puts it in the Approved status. This confirms you've reviewed it and no further actions need to be taken. Your employee will receive a notification email.
    • Reject: Rejecting a Time Sheet puts it in the Rejected status and allows for the employee to make further edits so they may resubmit. Your employee will receive a notification email.
    • Approve "Not Submitted" Time Sheets: From the Details view, you may edit and approve a Time Sheet an employee has not submitted yet. This helps for when an employee is out on vacation or does not have access to their time sheet at the time.
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    Kim Garcia

    Does this allow for:
    * salaried employees to go in and mark whether they worked, took a vacation or pto day or did not work for any given day (since they are not hourly)
    * specifying a customized time, ie: my payroll paid out on the 1st of every month reflects days worked from the 11th of the previous month through the 25th of the previous month

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    Joe Stoll

    I need more help. I have a part time person who is paid weekly. Vacation days are not showing up properly in the first week of her vacation

  • 0
    Joe Stoll

    Never mind, it seems to be fixed now

  • 0
    PJ Albert

    we have a person who took bereavement  - we pay for this-  it is not subtracted from PTO but it also does not show up on timesheet for pay -- how can this be fixed


    Edited by PJ Albert
  • -2
    Vicki Nichols

    How do I clear out old time sheets that have not been approved but are still showing up on the icon?


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