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Time-off Plans

Alex Duran -

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Step 1: Create a Plan

  • Accrual Start - Set the date employees begin to accrue time off for this policy.
  • Schedule - Set the accrual frequency and amount of time-off earned for each accrual.
  • Benefit Year Start - Set the date that the new benefit year begins for this policy. 
  • Carryover - Select whether balances may carry over from one benefit year to the next. 
  • Maximum Balance - Set the maximum balance for time-off banks under this policy
  • Add a New Level - Does this plan have multiple levels based on length of employment? Add a new level and setup the length of employment by selecting Hire Date Plus for the Start Date.

Step 2: Assign

  • Employees - Select which employees you'd like to assign this plan to 
  • Time-off Banks - Select which time-off banks you'd like to assign this plan to 
  • Keep Current Balance - This will keep your employee's current balance and only apply the accrual moving forward from today' date. 
  • Recalculate Balance - This will run the accrual plan from the employee's hire date to today's date and give you the balance.
    Note: We recommend downloading the Time-off Balance Comparison Report to view what your employees' balances are before and after the plan is assigned. 

Step 3: Review

  • Alert! - Employees will not accrue time-off until a plan has been assigned to their bank.
    Note: We recommend downloading the Banks Without Assigned Plans report to view which employees and their banks still needs plans assigned


All Other Members 

  • Benefit Year - Select the benefit year you'd like to use for each of your time-off banks. 
  • Carryover - Select "Yes" if you'd like your employees' remaining "Available" time to carry over from one benefit year to the next.


Watch this helpful video here.

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  • 3
    Donald MacMelville

    we run everything on a jan-december schedule. how can I start accruals for first of year and not hire date.

  • 1
    Van Travis

    How to I update the available time off for my employees effective January 1.  When I change their time off plan it is showing for he current calendar year.   Thanks

  • 0
    Inna Katayev
    Edited by Inna Katayev
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