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How to Make an Adjustment to an Employee's Time Bank

Alex Duran -

Here are the steps that an Administrator would have to follow to make an adjustment on an employee's time bank(s):


   1. Click on "Employees" tab.
   2. Select an employee.
   3. In the employee profile, select the "Time-off Plans" tab.
   4. Select the "Make an Adjustment" link on the top of the time bank.
   5. On the drop down, select "Add/Subtract" and enter time to be added or subtracted.               

   6. Choose time bank that the time will be added or subtracted from.
   7. Enter "Notes" (optional)
   8. Click on "Save" and you're done.

Please repeat steps if you have to adjust more than one employee.


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    Timothy Farrell

    One of my staff someone entered a hug number and now has a negetive balance of over 34000 days. I need to zero this out but it wont let me clear a number that big. Please help.

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    Joseph Cristaldi

    What if I'm an employee who has employees to manage? I don't have the tab "Employees" to select to correct/edit a time. Now what? Does the sys Admin need to give me permissions?

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    Linda Duncan

    How do we remove an adjustment, that was accidentally entered?

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