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Can I change or remove the Holidays, Deadlines or Important Dates on the calendar?

Alex Duran -

Holidays, Deadlines and Important Dates cannot be edited or removed. They represent key events and legal obligations that can significantly affect your business. We hope you find the information related to these events helpful.

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    Tom Gallaher

    i agree. We too have dates that may not be the standard for shutting down. It would be nice to be able to add these.

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    Cheryl Reyes

    It would be nice to be able to add our own holiday schedule.


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    Russell Howser

    We have a limited number of holidays in our office - we work some state & federal holidays. We also get Black Friday and Good Friday off that not everybody else does.

    At the beginning of the year, when we know our office's holiday schedule, I add those as Company Holidays onto the calendar and assign the appropriate time for full-time/part-time employees.

    The only problem I've had with this process, which I'm having right now, is that on Monday 1/2/17 we had a skeleton crew in the office, and if you worked Monday you got Friday 1/6/17 as your holiday instead. It doesn't give the option to assign a Company Holiday to only some, it has to be all employees. I guess I will have to give everybody leave time in the undeleteable PTO bank and tell everybody to use that on whichever day they took off last week for their New Year's holiday.

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    System Admin

    Some companies vary the observed date a holiday is taken if it falls on a Sat. or Sun. We may take the Friday before or the Monday following. As well - we always observe the Friday following Thanksgiving as a holiday. Would be nice to add this.

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