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Apple IPhone's IOS 8 Issues

Alex Duran -

Hi Members,

We apologize for this inconvenience.

With help from other members we were made aware that a bug was discovered with our mobile app when members updated to IPhone's new IOS 8 and wanted to enter and submit their time sheets.

Our technical team found that the issue occurred when Apple introduced their new IOS 8 and then shortly another update of their IOS 8.

This issue does not effect members still using IOS 7

Currently our technical team is working on resolving this bug with the new version of Apple's IOS 8 for our mobile app users, please advise employees that they can log in either on the smartphones or computers to www.employees.tracksmart.com to enter their times and submit their time sheets.

Thank you,

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    Sandy Keith

    I am the Administrator for our company and have an ipad and Itouch and can not access tracksmart reports to print. What is the hangup?
    Is it not compartible with these apple products?
    I am about to purchase a smart phone. IS Tracksmart more compatible with andriod systems?

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