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Help! I can't log in

Alex Duran -

*Here are some things to check for if you or your employee are having trouble logging in.*

Login links have recently changed. On TrackSmart.com, make sure you're logging to the correct app, TrackSmart Scheduling:  scheduling.tracksmart.com


  1. If you are having trouble logging in due to an incorrect password, reset it by clicking the link "I forgot my login or password" on the TrackSmart Scheduling log in page.

  2. If an employee is still unable to login, please have the administrator verify their self-service permissions in the respective TrackSmart App.

  3. If you're on the correct site, have verified permissions (for employees) and still cannot log in, please submit a request for help by clicking the link at the top of the screen.


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    Charles Rogers

    I can't login to the administrator account. I tried resetting the password but it takes me to a screen that says my free trial has expired. We signed up with Tracksmart about a year ago and are paid through , I believe, September. I need some help in getting logged into the administrator account.

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    Marty Monteith

    Hi Charles,

    Please call 800-263-4958. I need you to give me the email address you normally use to log in.

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