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Employee Time-off Reporting

Alex Duran -

View Approved Time-Off in the Schedule

When scheduling employees you’ll notice the new “Time-Off” tab. This tab will show you all of your employees’ approved time-off for the day.


Create a Time-off Report

Creating a time-off report couldn’t be simpler. Visit the “Reports” area of Scheduling, and then select “Time-off Report”.

Simply select a start date, end date, and whether you want to view all employees or a specific employee and then click “Create Report”. Scheduling will create a report for you, calculating an employee’s approved time-off hours.

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    olivier fernandez

    I need to create a report for time off summary for all my employees up until June 25th 2017, when I try to run a report it runs it to the current date of today.

    Can you provide this report please.

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    Denise O'Brien

    Circles and circles but never prints.

    I need an attendance calendar for 2021 for all active employees


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