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How do I cancel my account?

Alex Duran -

To cancel your paid account, simply log into Scheduling and click on "Billing" under "Settings". Here you can cancel your account.

If you would like to cancel your free trial, please feel free to contact us by clicking on "Help" and selecting the "Email Us" option or just shoot us an email at memberservices.tracksmart.com 

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    Pamela Hardy

    The Town of Boscawen Has two accounts. I cancelled this one back in January and was told that it renewed in August and to cancel it then. Please cancel this account immediately. I have received a billing email that payment was denied due to credit card cancelled. If you need to contact me please do at phardy@townofbocawen.org or by phone 603-753-9188 Ext 317

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    kashawn purcell

    the instruction provided above was not useful. 

     my job already use tracksmark. i accidentally signed register for tracksmart because i couldn't login my account. i already spoke to my boss several weeks ago and told the situation and we have already resolve the issue regarding that. furthermore, i spoke with a representative for tracksmart explaining them the error that i made and i thought the person would have deleted my account by this time. i realize that i was still receiving emails from tracksmart when i came to the conclusion that my account wasn't deleted. needless to say i left a voicemail on monday which was the 19 of this month explaining the error that i made. please delete my account i already use the tracksmart that my job has registered for. if you have anymore questions in regards to the matter please free to contact me at anytime at kkpurcell@albany.edu.
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