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How to Schedule Shift Breaks – Employee Break Scheduling

Alex Duran -

With Scheduling, you have the flexibility to let the software automatically handle break calculations for you.

Creating Break Rules

Most organizations aren’t looking to schedule every single employee break — it’s simply too tedious. Rather, they would prefer to have Scheduling calculate the number of break minutes that each employee should take, based on the number of hours the employee has worked.

Rules take literally seconds to set up and they’ll help organizations like yours stay compliant with labor laws. For example, we can create a break rule that says, “For every 4 hours that an employee is scheduled on a day, give them 1 15-minute paid break.”

To do this, simple visit the Settings area, and select “Breaks”. Here you can fill out break rules.

Now, your employees will know exactly how long they should take their break(s). They’ll see this information on their dashboard, as well as in their printed schedule.

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