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Creating Open Shifts That Any Employee Can Take

Alex Duran -

Very regularly, I talk with customers who want to be able to make a shift “open” so that any employee can take the shift if he or she is free — basically the shift is “first come, first served”.

In order to create open shifts, simply fill in the number of “Open Shifts” you need when scheduling employees.


The number of "Open Shifts" are shown on the shift bar as a blue number:


Creating an Open Schedule

Sometimes I hear from large volunteer organizations who want to make their entire schedule open. Scheduling can handle that too.

Simply schedule as many or few employees as you want, and when you're ready to fill your unscheduled shifts with open slots, simply click on "Open Schedule".

Here you'll be able to turn your unscheduled shifts into open shifts.


Taking an Open Shift

Once you've published your schedule, open shifts are shown on the dashboard. Scheduling automatically ensures that your employees won't accidentally take an open shift when they're already working on an overlapping shift or have approved time off.

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