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Scheduling Employees in Multiple Locations or Departments

Alex Duran -

Larger organizations, like those with 60+ employees, can set up different departments using our departments / locations feature. For example, if you’re scheduling a hotel, you might set up different departments:

  • Restaurant
  • Security
  • House Keeping
  • Front Desk

How to Set Up Your Departments or Locations

To set up your department or location, navigate to the settings area of TrackSmart Scheduling. Simply click on "Locations & Departments" in the left-hand navigation. There you fill out the department name and select a time-zone.


Employee scheduling in multiple locations or departments

When you’re finished creating your location, you can navigation to the “Employees” area to assign employees to different locations.

Once you’ve assigned an employee to a department or location, you’ll be able to schedule them.


Switching between departments

To switch between departments, simply click on the drop down menu at the top of the schedule.

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