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Importing Employees

Permanently deleted user -

To import multiple employees into TrackSmart Scheduling or TrackSmart TimeClock, go to the Employees page (from the top menu).


  1. Click the "Import Employees" button. 
    Import Employees

  2. From the pop-up window, download the csv template.

  3. Add your employee data to the csv file and save it somewhere you can easily locate it on your computer, such as your desktop.

  4. Return to that pop-up window and click "Choose File" to locate it on your computer. Then click Upload .csv.

  5. The pop-up will close and you'll see this confirmation message at the top of the Employee page. Your new employees will also appear in your employee list.


Are you missing any employees? Employees will not be imported if:

  • They are already in your employee list (either matching the first and last name OR the email address).
  • The information wasn't formatted correctly for that employee. (For example, if the email address was "employee@tracksmart" instead of "employee@tracksmart.com.")






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