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I'm seeing incorrect time balances and duplicated "Time Earned" in my employees "Time Banks" and "Transaction Detail" Report!

Alex Duran -

We apologize for this inconvenience that you are currently experiencing. This "easy to resolve" issue was caused due to a fix that was implemented on Monday and only affected a few accounts.

Here are the steps to resolve this Time Balance issue:

Click on "Preferences" on the top right hand corner of the page.

  1. Once you have clicked on "Preferences", click on the "Time-off Plan" option.
  2. In the Time-off Plan page click on the "Pen & Paper" icon to open the time-off plan that those employees are assigned to.
  3. Click on  "Step 2 : Assign" on the top of Time-off Plan
  4. On the far right on "C - Set Balances", select the "Recalculate bank balances from the Accrual Start Date" option and click on "Save & Continue" button.
  5. In Step 3 : Review, click on the "Save" button and wait until the spinning circle takes you back to the "Time-off Plans" page.
  6. Repeat steps, if you have multiple plans that are assigned to employees that have Available Balances show an incorrect amount.

If you need any assistance with these steps or have any questions, please feel free to contact us 1-877-457-4855 and any of our Customer Success Coaches will assist you.


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    Renee Butler

    FYI: In my case, because of the doubling, my employees reached their limit and the totals were topped at that. But if there is already time off approved for them this year those hours aren't deducted. I will be going in and adjust each time bank for people that have used vacation or sick time. 

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